Coach’s Next-Gen Competitive Advantage


Next-Gen Competitive Advantage

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Join the teams getting ANSRS faster.

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We created the fastest and most accurate data system in football, that completely automates the breakdown process. No more handwritten hit charts or transparencies. We deliver game and practice data in real time so that coaches can instantly access the tendency reports and hit charts they need to confidently game plan and attack their opponents.

The system is set up to operate in each team’s language so it is accurate from the start and eliminates any translation that needs to be done.

We will save coaches 20-25 hours a week that can be devoted to other things, including perfecting your game plan and devising unique ways to attack your opponents…or spending more time with your families.

How long do Hit Charts take you today?

  • Manual process to create Reports
  • Coordinators waiting on breakdown to start game planing
  • Impossible to change on the fly or drill down to get more information
Hit Charts Today Timeline
Hit Charts Today


Get Hit Charts Instantly

  • Review Hit Charts as soon as breakdown is done
  • Accurate data that’s in your terminology
  • Build your game plan sooner each week
Hit Charts ANSRS Timeline
Hit Charts ANSRS

How effective are you charting games today?

  • Manual call scripts written on paper or spreadsheet
  • Manual touches create multiple data errors
  • Post game, data must be entered into video system
Charting Games Today Timeline
Charting Games Today


Get Instant In Game Analysis

  • Minimal input, maximum output
  • Eliminates data errors
  • Our proprietary algorithm auto-populates multiple data fields instantly
In Game Analysis ANSRS Timeline
In Game Analysis ANSRS

How tedious are Film Breakdowns for you today?

  • Manually Type Data into every cell
  • Go back and correct all the misspellings
  • Sort video, watch cutups and manually compute tendencies
Film Breakdowns Today Timeline
Tedious Film Breakdown


Get Automated Play Tagging

  • Algorithm auto-populates all the cells
  • Reports instantly available
  • Complete breakdown of game in 25 minutes
Automated Play Tagging ANSRS Timeline
Script Breakdown

Straight from the experts



Our advanced algorithms and customizable user settings are built for coaches to save hours on data input while providing unlimited access to the data. (minimal input, maximum output).



Based on machine learning, the tool allows coaches to use their team’s data and terminology to access the most relevant and accurate data with minimal user input.



ANSRS Analytics is the first ever data analysis software that delivers immediate and useful reports to coaches instantly and dynamically as soon as the data is inputed for each play.